Swyftlight Analytics

Enterprise-grade analytics in the palm of your hand

Swyftlight Analytics dashboard


Everything you need, at a glance

Our simple, intuitive dashboard contains all the details you need to see how your traffic is evolving and make effective data-driven decisions for your business.

  • Top accessed pages, referrers, countries, and more

  • Witness the evolution of your users and sessions

  • Evaluate UTM campaigns

  • Discover user devices, browsers, operating systems, and more


Get to know your visitors

Understanding and evaluating your visitors' behavior patterns and actions is the best way to design, analyze, and refine your visitors' experience over time.

  • View the information you need

  • Analyze the flow of user-visited pages and their actions

  • Identify visitors by connecting users from your app to the tracking system by any identifier

Swyftlight Analytics visitor session events
Swyftlight Analytics visitor session replay


Session replays

Session replays are the most convenient way to experience what a visitor saw and did throughout their experience on your site.

  • Experience the session the exact same way your visitor did

  • Visually-driven user feedback

  • Diagnose any website hiccups your visitor may have uncovered



Understand where your users are clicking and where the cold zones of your pages are.

  • Multiple heatmaps per site

  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet heatmaps

  • Uncover where your visitors are clicking, and where they're not

Swyftlight Analytics user session heatmap

Give your data meaning

Find out what your users want

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